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Our campus team is optimally prepared for your learning needs. The special features of Häcker kitchens are conveyed in a lively, humorous and professional manner in the training sessions. We train career starters, experienced kitchen consultants and fitters.

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Learn easily with our E-Learning courses

Our training is designed to fit into your busy every day life at work. Short video clips will help you to learn more about certain topics. The great thing about it – watch them as often as you want.

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Choose your Webseminar

In our webseminars, our trainers teach you exciting topics in a compact and entertaining way. Questions are answered directly and live.

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Informative videos about our kitchens

In our CampusTube you will find many informative videos about our kitchens, assembly and planning of Häcker kitchens.

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New user certification

New to Häcker

Our New-User Certification is tailored for those who want to build the foundation knowledge to start talking confidently about the Häcker product through understanding the core product ranges, quality and pricing system. Recognising the tools and avenues in place to make working with Häcker easy and affective for you.

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